Sort Your Shit Out: Days 8-10

Day 8 – Monday 8th January

Row – 40 mins

I was pleased that I managed to row for 55 minutes in one workout, I could only manage 15 minutes the first time I got on the erg. I’ve been trying to focus on my technique, this means my strokes per minute have decreased, but I realise it’s important to get your form right first. I’ve noticed when I get tired I get sloppy, and my technique suffers. I need to try and maintain concentration while I’m on the erg, but my mind tends to wander.

I’m really glad I decided to get an ergo, exercising at home is key for me, especially in the winter. There is no way I’d do a full day at work and then have the motivation to drive to the gym. The more I think about the gym, the more I realise I hate that fucking place. I just want to do my own thing without every fucker else watching me.

I’m looking forward to getting into shape so that I can get back on my bike. I can’t wait, I used to love cycling, I hope I can get back to that stage again. I need to lose enough weight so I can fit into my lycra, they were getting tight when I was 12 stone let alone now.

Day 9 – Tuesday 9th January

Row – 40 mins

I’ve lost a further 0.7 lbs since yesterday; I’m glad the figure is still moving down, I hope this continues. I’d really like to see the 14 stone mark at some point this week. I was 14 stone 7 lbs when I started my new job (last April) this is my first target. I’ll be so pleased when I reach this weight.

The erg was hard last night. I found it difficult to get going, I felt knackered after 10 minutes, but I made myself stay on there for 40. I need to keep plugging away. As someone on the Concept 2 forum said, ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

slow and steady wins the race

I’ve managed to do four days erging in a row – no pun intended. I did another 40 minutes when I got home from work. I could have easily convinced myself to give it a miss, but I forced myself. I need to keep forcing myself and making exercise a habit. It will hurt less if I keep going. I’ve already improved since that first day; I don’t ache as much anymore. I need to look at the positives an stop being so down on myself. This is pretty hard for an eternal pessimist.

Day 10 – Wednesday 10th January

Row – 45

Pretty disappointed to have gained 0.5 lbs today, especially after (mainly) sticking to my diet and exercising daily. I don’t want to get disheartened, but it’s hard not to when you’re trying to do everything right and then you see the scales going in the wrong direction.

I know when I get home I’m not going to feel like exercising, it’s inevitable considering how depressed I feel right now. I’m determined to get on the erg; I’m sure it will help clear my head and hopefully tire me out for a good nights sleep.
I managed 45 minutes on the erg; I’m glad I went on and didn’t talk myself out of it. Doing something is better than nothing.

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